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I am an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in the state of Idaho. I received my bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Toccoa Falls College in Georgia and completed my master’s degree in Community Counseling at Denver Seminary in 2011. I moved to Idaho early 2012 and began serving the Treasure Valley as a psycho-social rehabilitation specialist, working with families to create healthier ways of life. I kept practicing as a counselor as well and became licensed in 2013. I work mostly individually with adults and teenagers and take a systemic approach in working through issues. I take joy in helping people discover that they are not alone, they do not have to be afraid of their pasts or feelings, and they can heal.

The main areas of focus in my practice are:

  • Trauma

  • Attachment Issues

  • Grief and Loss

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Women’s Issues

  • Men’s Issues

  • Faith-Based Counseling

  • Identity Issues

  • Work Place Issues


I approach every issue from a trauma-informed perspective and use a variety of techniques to help people achieve their goals. I use attachment-focused EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) for trauma work. I also use person-centered theory, CBT, and many types of calming techniques for coping with difficult emotions. I take a collaborative approach with clients and rely on their feedback for effective treatment. I also believe that humor is a powerful catalyst in healing and allows us to face hard issues without having to feel brave enough.




My paperwork is electronic. Please email or call me for an appointment, and I will email you the link to fill it out. I can also send you the paper form, if needed.

Sarah Mallard, M.A., LPC

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